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CSA Toolkit

Funded by the Tasmanian Food Security Council, this Toolkit was created through a partnership between Channel Living and the North West Environment Centre. Both groups have been involved with initiating CSA programs in their local communities, and recognise the large amount of work involved. We wanted to find a way of sharing the groundwork with other groups, to make it easier for others to initiate a CSA (or other direct marketing/local food) program that suits their own community.

The Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to help communities and vegetable growers save time and resources when setting up their own CSA program. The Tools include documents that you can modify to suit your own purposes, collections of information, further reading suggestions and a database to help you manage your new CSA.

Please keep in mind that this was created in 2011 and some information may be out of date.

Contents of the Toolkit

Tools related to:
  • Business Planning - to assist in ensuring the financial viability of your venture
  • Bookkeeping spreadsheets
  • Box Contents and Value - examples and ideas of volume and variety and costs
  • Pricing of Produce - systems for valuing produce to renumerate growers
  • Planting Calendar - (sowing/planting/harvesting times) - helps co-ordinator know what needs to be happening at different times, and support growers to achieve these tasks
  • Vegetable Availability Calendar - helps with planning and co-ordinating crops
  • Packaging Options - ideas for boxes, bags etc
  • Sample Media Release & Media Release Tips
  • Tasmanian Media Contacts - for media releases
  • Gallery of Images - for use on your website or for promotional materials, newsletters etc
  • Bibliography of Reading - further information about CSA and related topics


Tools related to:
  • Advertisement for Growers - sample ad to help source growers for your scheme
  • Expression of Interest for Growers - helps co-ordinator gather information about growers (scale of production, growing methodologies & philosophies etc)
  • Grower Agreement - general terms and conditions of grower's involvement in project
  • Grower Supply Form - personalised, detailed agreement
  • Presentation Standards - guidelines for how growers should present produce for packing
  • Pricing of Produce- systems for valuing produce to renumerate growers
  • Organic Farming - information for co-ordinator and growers on growing produce using organic methods
  • Grower Resources
    - Planting Calendar & Vegetable Availability Calendar
    - List of Resources - information co-ordinator can provide to growers to assist them


Tools related to:
  • Advertisement for Subscribers
  • Tips for Potential Subscribers - ideas to assist the co-ordinator to help subscribers adjust to a new way of purchasing food.
  • Subscriber Agreement - terms and conditions of subscribing
  • Surveys, Market Research & Feedback - to help with planning your project (box contents, pick-up days etc) and assessing subscriber satisfaction
  • Newsletters - templates to create your own newsletter to educate and inspire subscribers about the principles and benefits of CSA


(purchased separately)
  • Software for managing your CSA - online management system especially designed to deal with co-ordinating the many facets of a CSA. It can save you hours of work each week by storing your product, grower & subscriber information, calculating the figures you need, and keeping track of payments in and out.