Terms Explained

Because this Toolkit is designed to be applicable to a wide variety of models of CSA, there is some variation in relevant terms to be used. Please find explanations here:

Co-ordinator: in a multifarm CSA, this is the person responsible for bringing the whole thing together. In a single farm CSA, it may be the same person as the person growing the produce.

Subscriber: different terms are used by different CSAs, and you might like to consider the term "shareholder" or "member" instead. Whatever term you use, it is important to convey the sense of supporting the philosophy of CSA, and committing to the whole scheme, rather than just buying a finished product.

Grower: it's probably obvious that this terms refers to anyone growing produce. Small-scale producers (some just growing in their backyard) may not feel comfortable with the term "farmer", so we use "grower" here to include everyone.