Single-farm CSA model

Further Reading

CSA Training Manual (from the USA) - very comprehensive manual, includes chapters on share types and pricing, recruiting members, production and how much to plant, and distribution.

Rebirth of the Small Family Farm by Bob and Bonnie Gregson

Community Supported Agriculture. This publication reports on the history of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in the U.S. and discusses the various models that have emerged. Recent trends in the CSA movement are presented and demographic information provided about the distribution of CSA farms in the U.S. Several CSA cases are profiled and a survey of recent research is presented. Includes references and resources. Sections include trends/statistics, production considerations, CSAs and the Internet, a systems approach to local food security, plus references and resources.

University of Kentucky – Gives a good overview of all relevant aspects, including for example, communication and pricing of shares.