Non-CSA Direct Marketing

Farm gate sales

Producers can also sell their produce from their own property on a casual basis, rather than under a scheme involving consumer commitment (CSA). This works best when the property is near a busy centre or is on a busy thoroughfare, either for tourists, locals or both.


Tasmanian Farm Gate Guide:
and__wine/farms__and__produce > Farm Gate Guide (PDF)


Pick your own

Another form of farm gate sales that allows the customer an even more intimate experience with the farm as they must roll up their sleeves and harvest the produce themselves.

Benefits lie in selling labour-intensive crops in this way as the grower does not have to pay for pickers, and the consumer gets the product at a cheaper price.

Restaurant, school or hospital sales

Selling direct to a business or organisation with a large throughput can be a good outlet for produce from a small to medium scale farm.

The produce may be valued at a lower rate than retail, but as large amounts are required, there is less time involved in making the sale. In the current climate of increased awareness of eating locally grown food, these customers may become very loyal.