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Co-operative sales

Similar to a farmers market but organised by a group or co-operative of growers, and sales are made centrally rather than by each individual grower. The idea is to maximise profit for producers and provide the opportunity for consumers to purchase direct from growers.

Produce is bunched/bagged and priced by growers and dropped off to be sold for a modest commission, which goes towards operating costs. Sales are calculated on what was provided, less what remains unsold at the end of trading. Growers may take turns to be responsible for sales or the commission may go to employing staff.

This model works well for small backyard producers who do not have enough produce individually to justify a stall at a market, or for growers who do not wish to spend time selling to the public. It also works well in conjunction with a CSA program where there may be leftover produce at the end of a packing day.


Channel Living Food Co-op.
The Green Shed weekly market, Tamborine Mountain, Queensland (run by Tamborine Mountain Local Producers Association Inc.)