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Contents of the Toolkit

Tools related to:
  • Business Planning - to assist in ensuring the financial viability of your venture
  • Bookkeeping spreadsheets
  • Box Contents and Value - examples and ideas of volume and variety and costs
  • Pricing of Produce - systems for valuing produce to renumerate growers
  • Planting Calendar - (sowing/planting/harvesting times) - helps co-ordinator know what needs to be happening at different times, and support growers to achieve these tasks
  • Vegetable Availability Calendar - helps with planning and co-ordinating crops
  • Packaging Options - ideas for boxes, bags etc
  • Sample Media Release & Media Release Tips
  • Tasmanian Media Contacts - for media releases
  • Gallery of Images - for use on your website or for promotional materials, newsletters etc
  • Bibliography of Reading - further information about CSA and related topics
Tools related to:
  • Advertisement for Growers - sample ad to help source growers for your scheme
  • Expression of Interest for Growers - helps co-ordinator gather information about growers (scale of production, growing methodologies & philosophies etc)
  • Grower Agreement - general terms and conditions of grower's involvement in project
  • Grower Supply Form - personalised, detailed agreement
  • Presentation Standards - guidelines for how growers should present produce for packing
  • Pricing of Produce- systems for valuing produce to renumerate growers
  • Organic Farming - information for co-ordinator and growers on growing produce using organic methods
  • Grower Resources
    - Planting Calendar & Vegetable Availability Calendar
    - List of Resources - information co-ordinator can provide to growers to assist them
Tools related to:
  • Advertisement for Subscribers
  • Tips for Potential Subscribers - ideas to assist the co-ordinator to help subscribers adjust to a new way of purchasing food.
  • Subscriber Agreement - terms and conditions of subscribing
  • Surveys, Market Research & Feedback - to help with planning your project (box contents, pick-up days etc) and assessing subscriber satisfaction
  • Newsletters - templates to create your own newsletter to educate and inspire subscribers about the principles and benefits of CSA
(can be purchased separately)
  • Software for managing your CSA - online management system especially designed to deal with co-ordinating the many facets of a CSA. It can save you hours of work each week by storing your product, grower & subscriber information, calculating the figures you need, and keeping track of payments in and out.
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